CORE Program

Six weeks to success

The Culinary Objectives for Reaching Employment (CORE) Program is held at our main training center inside the Denver Human Services Building. Once the six-week program is successfully completed, we will assist with the job search.

CORE Curriculum


Safety and Sanitation

During the first week, all students will earn their ServSafe Food Handlers certification, as well as their ServSafe Allergen certification.


Salad Bar

During this week, the focus will be on basic knife cuts.


Deli and Pizza

Students will focus on different meat and cheese identification, continue their knife skills, and also be introduced to customer service training and learning to deal with on-the-fly orders.


Grill and Short Order Cooking

Students will continue learning how to work with customers, as well as honing their skills on the grill.


Sauté Station

Students will learn how to properly sauté, as well as take orders on-the-fly and continue practicing their customer service skills.


Intro to Bakery

Students will learn how to make basic quick breads, the biscuit method, the yeast method, as well as utilizing their kitchen math knowledge.

Prep cook certification

This is an ACF-approved culinary certification that revisits many of the skills taught in Week 1-6. Skills are practiced to proficiency, ending in a chef-overseen skills exam. This certification is available to students who have completed the CORE program and are interested in receiving additional certification.

Building skills to get a job

Each week, WOW instructors also teach and re-enforce basic job readiness skills like communication, attendance, teamwork, and customer service. In weeks 2-6, we also teach proper food handling and storage. Kitchen etiquette is taught at all times throughout the program.

We also provide employable skills including attendance, knife skills, following verbal instruction, and knowing one’s way around the kitchen, teamwork, and time management.

Call 720-944-3393 to apply for the program. Information sessions are held every Tuesday at 10 a.m. at Denver Human Services, 1200 Federal Blvd., in Denver.

Support during the job search

In the 6th week of training, our students begin job search and our employment specialists help students identify their interests and our chef instructors give recommendations for what our students’ strengths are from a skills standpoint.

After the CORE program is complete, students can either go on to job search, or spend 1-2 weeks attaining their Prep Cook certification. After receiving Prep Cook certification, students may continue on to job search.


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