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A recipe for success in the foodservice industry.

Work Options training is fast, free and focused:


Students can complete training and become employed in as few as 20 days. Training typically lasts 4-6 weeks.


Our program is offered at no cost to students.


We help students gain job-ready, transferable skills that lead to employment. After completing our core training, most students will be ready to immediately begin job search to find employment. Others will be selected for our Pre-Apprenticeship program where they will gain hands-on work experience during paid employment with Work Options.

Our Training Locations

  • Our primary training center is located on the Mosaic Community Campus at 1895 Quebec Street in Denver, formerly the home of Johnson & Wales University's prestigious College of Culinary Arts. Work Options students now have the opportunity to train in these world-class teaching kitchens. 

  • Our Mobile Culinary Classroom partners with sites throughout the Metro Denver area to provide services to people re-entering the community after incarceration.

  • The Helping Hen food truck & The Helping Hen Café offer advanced training and work experience options including Internship and Apprenticeship.

What Our ProgramIncludes
Work Options’ job training and support program helps students learn job-ready skills and gain confidence. We work in partnership with students to help each to resolve their individual barriers to sustainable employment. We incorporate hands-on learning so students can practice the skills they have learned in real-world situations. Our job training and support program offers:

Chef Instructors provide technical training in areas such as: knife skills, culinary techniques, kitchen terminology, kitchen math and how to operate, clean, and sanitize kitchen equipment.

Students practice their culinary skills in our busy commercial kitchens, guided by a team of highly-skilled professional chefs.


Students earn industry-recognized credentials, such as the ServSafe Food Handler’s certificate, Restaurant Ready certificates from the National Restaurant Association, and a Certificate of Completion after maintaining employment for 90 days.

We help students identify and build upon their individual strengths and interests. Students work with an Employment Specialist on basic needs like obtaining needed ID or transportation assistance. We can assist students in developing childcare solutions, provide referrals for physical or behavioral health needs, and provide assistance in locating appropriate housing resources ; we also offer one-on-one employability coaching and guidance. Our Employment Specialist can make referrals to community-based therapy, as needed, and can help students with safety planning in domestic and/or intimate-partner violence situations.

In addition to our culinary training, we offer short-term cognitive-behavioral group therapy classes to help students learn better coping skills and strategies for how to handle difficult situations. We also offer financial management classes to help students make the most of their earning when they become employed.

We offer a range of classes to help students understand employer expectations and build valuable workplace skills, such as conflict resolution, time management, and teamwork.

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