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Getting started with Work Options is easy.

Why Choose Work Options' Training?

  • Our training and support program is free for students.

  • You will earn nationally recognized certifications that will help you get and keep employment in the food service industry.

  • We provide your uniform t-shirts, apron and hat; students provide their own slip- resistant shoes and pants. (Financial assistance may be available to help cover the cost of acquiring the necessary uniform.)

  • We can provide transportation assistance (such as bus tickets) during training.

  • Students can earn cash incentives based on their attendance and professionalism during training and job search.

In order to be accepted in Work Option’s job training and support program you must:
  • Be 18+ years of age
  • Be dependable, willing to learn and have the ability to follow directions
  • Commit to having excellent attendance throughout training
  • Be physically able to stand unassisted for 7+ hours/day and to safely lift up to 50lbs. unassisted
  • Be legally authorized to work in the United States
  • Consent to a background check (for sustainable employment purposes only)
  • You must want to become employed!

How toApply

Step 1

Attend an Information Session

Call Work Options at 720-668-0532 to register for an info session.

Information Sessions are offered weekly:

  • You can attend the Information Session in-person, or
  • You can attend the Information Session using Zoom (we can send you a Zoom link after you call to register)

Step 2

Complete and Submit Our Program Application Form

Complete and submit our application.


Download a hard copy of the form and return it by mail.

Complete the form and return it by email to:

Step 3

We Call You for a Follow-Up Discussion

During this phone call we will ask you a few additional questions to see how our program could benefit you. We can also address any additional questions that you may have at this time. We will then schedule your program start date and go over Orientation Day instructions.

Step 4

We Send You the Orientation Day Instructions

We’ll send the instructions by email or text. Students can typically begin training as soon as the Monday following their Information Session.

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