It’s your time to shine

WOW welcomes all individuals who can work in the food services industry.  Skill-based training programs are open to individuals 18 years old and older, all backgrounds, can work legally, regardless of criminal record.

While there is no prior food services experience required, students must be willing to work hard, show up for classes and have a desire to become employed after you complete the program. If you wonder if this program will be a good fit for you, please call 720-944-3393.

Student Support and Resources

In addition to culinary training, our students receive support and resources to help them obtain employment and learn valuable life skills.

Social Work Support

Our case management team provides resources and support to help our students get and keep a job. This support depends on the individual’s needs, which could include basic needs like helping students obtain glasses, help with acquiring identification and paperwork needed for employment, to something as complicated as helping to acquire childcare and housing.

Case managers also work with students to develop the skills needed to become employed for the long-term, like teamwork, learning how to work through conflicts, and how to take instruction. Case managers also help every student develop a résumé and provide interview coaching.

Our case managers follow up monthly for the first 12 months after a student graduates, and then bi-annually for the next 2 years.

Mental Health Support

We work with a few counselors who provide mental health services as needed to our students. We also provide four individual sessions per student at the MCC.

How We Find Our Students

As part of our recruiting efforts, we present at workforce centers throughout all four counties of Metro Denver, attend job fairs and partner with hundreds of agencies in Denver. We also visit halfway houses, jails, and the women’s prison. We also present to both local and federal parole officers.

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