Yvette - Country Pride

Ivette Student Stories

To meet Yvette is quite an experience. Quiet spoken and calm, one is surprised when her humor and down-to earth attitude come shining through. Her laugh is contagious, and her smile is infectious.
Yvette began the WOW program wanting to get into the Culinary Arts field. She really enjoyed her time at WOW, and her learninggets used every day as a cook – knife skills, kitchen math, how to work the grill, slicer, and other key equipment found in a kitchen. Today, she is a part-time prep cook and a part-time grill cook for Country Pride.
The biggest take-a-way for Yvette? Learning how to deal with obstacles and daily challenges in life; working on solutions and making positive choices to be successful in life.
When someone asks her son what she does for a living; with pride he quickly pipes up to say she is a chef. “My Mom is a chef. A real chef, right Mom?” Smiling, Yvette says, “Almost son. Almost.”

Genevieve - Embassy Suites

Ivette Student Stories

A stay at home mom for 6 years, Genevieve felt it was time to enter the workforce when her youngest child began school. Without experience or job skills, she found it difficult to find work. Having been recommended to the Work Options for Women training program, she was excited to start! Her intention was to get off of public assistance and begin a career that would allow her to provide for her family. Bringing a passion for cooking and a determination to succeed, Genevieve quickly gained confidence after initially being intimidated. Genevieve found employment at Embassy Suites where she works as a line cook, prep cook, and dishwasher. Due to her dedication and willingness to pitch in wherever needed, she is always asked to take on more tasks.
Genevieve’s children are also fond of their mother’s new skill set; fresh baked cookies, cakes, and breads have become commonplace in their home as she teaches her children the art of baking. They are curious and eager to learn, just like their mother. Genevieve completed the WOW program and, in her words, “gained confidence and independence”. She is proud that she is able to take care of her family and no longer dependent on the father of her children.
When asked what are three words to describe her, Genevieve responds, “Determined, friendly, and helpful.” We couldn’t agree more.

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